Firkin Brunch The Most Important Meal of the Weekend! Saturday & Sunday until 3pm

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TIt's eleven o'clock on a Saturday and you've just woken up – too late for breakfast and too early for lunch. You're forced to pick a side: bangers or eggs, pancakes or French fries. Lucky for you, the best restaurant in town transforms your hour of indecision into the best happy hour ever. Yes we're reclaiming the happy hour... it's the Firkin brunch hour!

We combine the finest of both worlds with one-of-a-kind dishes like our original Breakfast Spuds. Our home style fries are tossed with velvety cheese curds, salty and savory Guinness Gravy, crunchy bacon, and then topped with a perfectly poached egg. Who ever said you can't put eggs on your chips 'n' gravy?

Sounding a little bit too original for your taste? If you're not feeling adventurous enough to try our cheesy Breakfast Spuds, you could indulge in one of our more traditional English breakfast dishes. The best British pub is one that makes you feel comfortable, no matter what your taste buds prefer. From our Beer Brats, Beans & Eggs to our Granola & Yogurt Breakfast Bowl, we serve dishes that will satisfy even the most eclectic group of friends. We wouldn't be able to call it the Firkin best brunch in North America if we didn't have something for everyone!

It must be 5 o'clock somewhere. Whether you're recovering from a late night at the best pub in town (wink, wink) or you're starting off your Saturday the right way, there's a Firkin drink special that's perfect for you. We offer bubbly Mimosas for those leaning on the breakfast side of brunch, and flavorful Caesars for those leaning on the lunch side.

Brunch Locations & Hours

Drop by on Saturday or Sunday before 3pm to enjoy the best happy hour with a long-held English tradition. The Firkin best brunch in North America is only available at select locations, so be sure to visit your local Firkin website to find out if you're one of the lucky ones!