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Two poached eggs, Maryland crab cakes, English muffin, hollandaise, home fries

Two poached eggs, ham, English muffin, hollandaise, home fries

Two eggs any style, sausage, bacon, fried tomatoes, baked beans, toast, home fries

Bacon, fried egg, lettuce, tomato, English muffin, home fries

Scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, guacamole, side salsa, home fries

Steel cut oats, brown sugar, berries

Bacon, maple syrup

Two eggs any style, choice of bacon or sausage, toast, home fries

Three egg omelette, home fries, toast. Stuffed with any three of the following:

Bacon | Ham | Sausage | Chicken | Caramelized Onions | Mushrooms | Tomatoes | Red Peppers | Avocado | Pico De Gallo | Cheddar Cheese | Feta Cheese

Add extra fillings 1 ea

Finished with brandy, Old Bay seasoning

See blackboard for details

Maryland style crab cakes, Old Bay remoulade

Ranch dressing

Lump crab meat, Maryland spices, melted cheese, tortilla chips, warm baguette

Bacon, caramelized onions, sour cream

Melted cheese, tomatoes, jalapeños, green onions, salsa, sour cream
Add guacamole 3
Add grilled chicken 5

Three mini burgers, Dijon mayo

Hot sauce, blue cheese dressing

Firkin dill dip

Choice of: BBQ, hot, Cajun, suicide, sweet chili, honey garlic, Memphis gold, Old Bay seasoning

Fries, cheese curds, gravy

Fries, cheese curds, gravy, Buffalo style chicken tenders, blue cheese dressing

Fries, cheese curds, gravy, sliced steak, sautéed onions & peppers

Romaine hearts, parmesan cheese, croutons, creamy garlic dressing
Add grilled chicken 5
Add crab cake 13

Romaine, tomatoes, cucumbers, Kalamata olives, feta cheese, red onions, red wine vinaigrette
Add grilled chicken 5
Add crab cake 13

Mixed greens, pico de gallo, cheddar cheese, avocado-ranch dressing

Mixed greens, grilled chicken, bacon, tomatoes, blue cheese, hard-boiled egg, avocado, ranch dressing

Our 8oz burgers are fresh & never frozen. All our burgers garnished with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle & burger sauce and are dished up with fries & rings

Add Toppings to your burger for $1 each: Cheddar Cheese | White American Cheese | Blue Cheese | Jalapeños | Caramelized Onions | Roasted Red Peppers
Add Bacon to your burger for $3

White cheddar, bacon, caramelized onions

Swiss cheese, roasted red peppers

Guacamole, pico de gallo

Plain and simple

All sandwiches served with a side of fries

Sliced steak, sautéed onions & peppers, white American cheese, garlic-toasted baguette

Roast turkey, bacon, avocado, lettuce, tomato, parmesan mayo, wheatberry bread

Maryland crab cake, bacon, lettuce, tomato, Old Bay remoulade, toasted brioche

Cheddar & white American cheese, wheatberry bread
Add bacon 3
Add tomatoes 2

Melted Swiss, honey mustard, wheatberry bread

Fried chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, avocado-ranch sauce, toasted brioche

Beer battered cod, coleslaw, fries, tartar sauce

Side Caesar salad, gravy

Two eggs any style, bratwurst, bacon, fried tomatoes, baked beans, fries, toast

On Tap

Flying Dog Raging Bitch
Flying Dog Chesapeake Wheat
Heavy Seas Loose Cannon
Leinenkugel Summer Shandy
Victory Donnybrook Stout
Jail Break Infinite Amber Ale
Dogfish Head Hazy O
Sam Adams Seasonal

Bud Light

Shock Top Belgian White
Stella Artois

By The Can

Cranberry • Grapefruit • Pineapple • Mango • Strawberry • Black Cherry


Copper Ridge | Chardonnay, California 7 | 10
Copper Ridge | White Zinfandel, California 7 | 10

Copper Ridge | Cabernet Sauvignon, California 7 | 10
Copper Ridge | Merlot, California 7 | 10

Ecco Domani | Pinot Grigio, Italy 10 | 14
Kendall Jackson | Chardonnay, California 11 | 16
Yellowtail | Sauvignon Blanc, Australia 10 | 14

Alamos | Malbec, Argentina 9 | 14
Mirassou | Pinot Noir, California 9 | 14
Sterling Vintner’s | Cabernet, California 11 | 16