Aug. 26th: “Our Restaurants” Campaign Launch

When the pandemic hit, our restaurants were among the first and hardest hit. Notwithstanding their own losses (which includes 800,000 jobs lost), the food services industry stepped up to serve their communities and their customers and continued to bring Canadians together – just in new and innovative ways. But in spite of its best intentions and best efforts, the food services industry will be among the last to resume normal operations, on a timeline stretching at least into the next 12-18 months. Current government supports are not equipped for this reality.

The “Our Restaurants” campaign puts a spotlight on the current situation faced by Canada’s restaurants amidst COVID-19: high costs, fewer customers and government programs ill-equipped for the unique, long-term challenges faced by the industry. It underscores the urgent need for Canadians – both public and our governments – to come together to support the food service business in their time of need.

“Our Restaurants” is a campaign led by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and supported by some of the best known restaurant brands across Canada and the whole of the food services industry – including the Firkin Group of Pubs.

The Firkin Group of Pubs stands in solidarity with restaurants across the country, in supporting the “Our Restaurants” campaign, in bringing awareness to the plight of our suffering industry, and the continued call for sustained government support, to ensure our survival, which is crucial to the overall Canadian economy
Larry Isaacs
The Firkin Group of Pubs

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